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Have you notice...

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I have been redoing Direct Object pronouns and getting ten points for redoing the lesson. I think they stop doing the lingots so they can give us our full xp back for redoing lessons. I don't' know have you notice that or is it just me?

3 years ago


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That's possibly because most of the words you got in practice are considered weak as per Duolingo's algorithm.

3 years ago


Nope, at least for me, XP for strengthening stayed the same, 7 - 10 XP. I sometimes had 10 XP before and still have it... But no streak lingots anymore.

3 years ago


I am not sure the two things are conected, but I did a new lesson and it was just 10 sentences (or ten good answers, I suppose). And I got 10 points. I'm very confused, but kind of like it.

3 years ago