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  5. "The table is set for dinner."

"The table is set for dinner."

Translation:Akşam yemeği için masa kuruldu.

April 27, 2015



"Kuruldu" demek için "was+V3 veya have/has been+V3" olması gerekmiyor mu? "The table is set= masa kurulur." "The table was set=masa kuruldu or The table has been set."


shouldnt it be past tense? kuruldu = was set isnt it?


I don't know the formal term for it, but :

"to be" in simple present tense + past tense verb"

Is used in contexts of where the past event occurred like a few seconds to a few minutes ago in English. You can also try to milk it by going up to 12 hours ago.

General rule of thumb: Use "was" for yesterday's events, use simple present tense "to be" for the past few minutes.

edit: more info


Interesting. In English "the table is set" would mean that it was just set recently. "The table was set" would typically be used as part of a narration. In the second usage, would Turkish use -miş rather than -du?


miş has the effect that you are uncertain about what you are saying. It's a past tense of hearsay.

Akşam yemeği için masa kurulmuş = [it appears/it seems that/I think/They say] The table is set for dinner

Read this it is way more detailed in explaining this tense :http://www.turkishlanguage.co.uk/pasttense.htm


Should be "was" for -uldu


Masa akşam yemeği için kurulu, should also work.


Can we use "sofra" instead of "masa"? I would assume that it might be the dining table which has been set.


Yes you can use "sofra." in fact it is more sensible.


If you look just right now, you see that the glasses, the plates are on the table, etc. It is present. If it was past, you'd use "was set". Am I wrong ? If I am, then, how do you say at this very moment, the table is set ?

So, I think that kuruluyor should be accepted.


I think you are right. is set = kuruluyor or kurulur


Masanın burada olur mu?


Why not masayı?


you should use the accusatıve only for definite objects. This is the passıve voice and 'masa' is the subject of the sentence.

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