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  5. "Yönetmen onun babasıdır."

"Yönetmen onun babasıdır."

Translation:His father is the director.

April 27, 2015



What makes it not "the director is her father"?


I have the same question. Even reading Ektoraskan's explanation about syntax, I don't fully understand how this rule would apply in more general terms. Also, the verb is applied to "baba" and therefore I would translate it as "... is his/her father".




Turkish word order - “Türkçe söz dizimi.”

Subject / time expression / place expression / object / verb.

The definite direct object can move anywhere before the verb. It is recognised by the accusative case suffix.

The indefinite, direct object in the nominative case always goes immediately before the verb.

"Yönetmen onun babasıdır." Translation: His father is the director.

What makes it not "the director is her father"?

"The director is her father." - Yönetmen onun babasıdır. - Correct.

Teşekkür ederim.


I think this (The director is her father.) would be a better translation as the suffix -DIr is attached to babası and not Yönetmen.


Where in this sentence is the accusative found to make it "the director" and not "his father is a director"


The syntax.

His father is a director → Onun babası yönetmen(dir).

The current Turkish sentence is: "Yönetmen onun babasıdır." ("Director", that would be his father.) Placing it at the beginning sort of stresses it. Paraphrasing is one of our little tricks to circumvent the problem of "absence of a linguistic 'the'". Perhaps in 200 years, Turkish will develop a "the", but for now, we should make do with paraphrasing. :)


"Yönetmen onun babasıdır." Translation: His father is the director.

The director is her father. - (Correct other English answer)

Answered on the - (16/12/2018) - answer accepted by Duo.

Some of these topic answers are 3 years old.


A terrible case of nepotism


"The director is her father"

Better English translation.


Why "your father is the manager" is not correct?


That would be Senin baban yönetmen.


why is it; Babam başkan." translated as "My father is a president." and her it has to be "the" direct article? "His father is the director".


Ektoraskan's comment starting with "The syntax." explains this :-)


Just to clarify for those who are shaky on syntax: "director" here is not an accusative; it is a predicate nominative indicating that "director" and "his father" are the same person.

And as Ektoraskan said above, placing Yönetmen at the beginning of the sentence emphasizes it. More like "The director is his father" than "his father is the director". I used the first wording and it was accepted.


Babasider.does it take the Accusative and hence the director. I am not clear


No, it doesn't. There is actually no accusative in this sentence. It is a copula joining two descriptions (director/father) who are the same person. So it means director=father (or father=director). There is no action verb, no object of the verb, so no accusative.

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