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"In fact this law has not been applied in the recent years."

Translation:Bu yasa aslında son yıllarda uygulanmıyor.

April 27, 2015



It should be "In recent years". If you google "In the recent years", you will see it's all non-native English


Can somebody explain why "uygulandı" is not accepted?


I'm not sure, but it is not marked wrong in similar exercises. Must be an oversight.


'uygulandı' is missing the negation. (= has been applied)
uygulanmadı = has not been applied
I am not sure whether you can translate English present perfect into Turkish past tense here. Perhaps the 'recent years' may not require present tense/perfect in Turkish. Not sure ...


Bu yasa son yıllarda aslında uygulanmıyor ? Plz why my translation is not accepted !!!


How can 'has not been applied' be translated to 'uygulanmıyor'? The English sentence ist in the past tense, whereas the Turkish one is in present continuous. I suggested 'uygulanmadı', but that was not accepted.


Can you please break down for me how uygulanmiyor means has not been applied? I can't see it. Thanks


It doesn't, not literally.

  • uygulamak to apply
  • uygulanmak to be applied
  • uygulanmamak to not be applied
  • uygulanmiyor is not being applied

Apparently this is viewed as a present relative to the period of the last few years, and a continuous action (or inaction) over that period.

I found that surprising as well.


Thanks so much, Gregory! That helps me a lot!


"In fact, this law has not been applied in recent years". = "Aslında, bu yasa son yıllarda uygulanmamıştır".

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