Streak Lost!

I lost my streak today apparently because I was 3 minutes late after 0:00 The funny thing is that it has never worked this way, normally when it's 0:00 here (Spain) it tells me I still have around 5 hours left, and the one and only day I was 3 minutes late since I started it decides to work on time? No way, this is unacceptable, I've always had more hours after midnight, so this is totally unfair. Either it works always on time, or I have the 5 hours the timer tells me I have after 0:00.

Is there any way to get my streak back? I had a 48 day streak and it's really demotivating to go back to 1 because of this, and only for 3 minutes :(

April 27, 2015


Well, the streak for me goes according to my location's timezone. If it's 00:01, it's another day. I don't know if you were used to another way.

That's the thing, I always thought it was how it should work, but if the page changed days at 5:00 instead of 0:00 there was nothing I could do but maybe report it, but that difference isn't really a problem until it decides to solve itself without advice, making me lose my streak. Otherwise I would've been more careful with the time, I wasn't even worried until I saw the 1 day streak.

Yeah, you are right. Since I don't think any user will be able to help you, I think the best you can do is try to contact an admin. Good luck!

That's why I'm in troubleshooting, how else can I contact an admin?

Apparently some of them mention the reasons to contact them and I'm afraid this isn't one of them, I guess I'll have to wait for some of them to see this or something... But thank you so much, you've been really nice and helpful ^^

Try the address in "Contact Us" under "Help", which is at the bottom of this page for me using the web application on my desktop. Also on the desktop there used to be a pop up bug-reporting mechanism on the left hand side of the page; I don't have one today, but I don't know if that is general or not.

I tried, but they haven't answered yet. That's normal, I guess, there's lots of people here. But thank you anyway :)

I lost my streak for a different reason, and reported it there as well. I got an auto-response, and am waiting on a real response (since Friday; today is Wednesday). Incidentally, I lost nearly the same amount of time as you did! (40 days). sigh

I have a ticket number from the auto-response, but haven't figured out how to use that to check on its progress. Not sure if there is a way or not. :-/

I got a ticket number too, but I can't help you as I have no idea of how to use it either. I think we might get our streaks back, I saw many similar posts where the admins said they restored them, but I didn't see how long it took :/

Well, that's encouraging at least! I'll try to be patient. :)

Not sure if this helps or not, but I noticed if I look at the email about the ticket number without actually opening it, gmail includes a "View ticket" button. I have no idea how gmail is coming up with the link for that, as I'm still not seeing it in the body of the email, but clicking on it brought me to a zendesk thing that looks like it should work.

I haven't figured out how to login yet, though... lol But at least that's getting somewhere. If you want to try it, put your ticket number at the end of this (after the last slash)

I also noticed the email does say you can reply to it in order to add an additional comment, so I replied and requested an update. (Two days ago; haven't heard anything yet.)

Sheesh I'm almost halfway back to my lost streak now. I should be at 60 today, not 20. :-/

I couldn't get in either... But I gave up on waiting, I thought, "ok, I lost my streak, no big deal, they won't help me nor the timer or whatever else problems that caused this, so..." It's not important really, they're probably busy or something. But thank you so much, I really appreciate the help.

I just read that the streak thing is pretty funky when switching between the website and the various apps, and for the last couple of days I've been using the phone app, and I usually use the computer. I don't know if this is my case, but I don't think I lose anything for mentioning it.

for the last couple of days I've been using the phone app

That's probably the reason your incorrect timezone issue was corrected. I always thought the timezone set during account setup could not be changed, but recently came across a method by which it can be changed.

Mine is acting up too. It's Wednesday now, and it just added another 10 points for Tuesday. Glitchy, glitchy, glitchy.

My streak got reset to zero when I added a new language course, and switched back to my original course within a half hour, on the same day. It was in the middle of the day, not anywhere near midnight. So, I haven't missed any days at all but my streak is down by 73 days. :/

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