How the reporting process works

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Howdy! There have been some questions about how the reporting system works. So, here is a post about that. :)

If you are looking for the website guidelines, you'll find them HERE. If you scroll to the bottom of your Home tab, you'll find a link there too.

First of all, if you need help reporting someone, don't be afraid to approach the moderators, even if you are needing to report someone we know. You will not be in trouble for reporting that person to us. In fact, the reporting system protects you from being in trouble! That is because it would not work to report people who have not violated the guidelines.

First, read This Post (it is also first link on my profile) to learn how to report someone to a moderator. A moderator will follow up on your report investigating the situation and checking it with the guidelines.

If the people being reported have violated the guidelines, then the moderator contacts that person or files an incident report to staff. Our incident reports to staff must contain evidence of violations. Even still, staff investigates the situation for themselves to confirm whether or not there has been a guideline violation. Then, staff decides on what action will be taken, whether that is no action, a ban from the forum and Immersion, or a complete ban from Duolingo. Moderators do not decide what actions staff will take.

Staff are very busy. Filing false reports and wasting their time would eventually result in the removal of the moderator.

You can also file your own report.
If you are ever concerned that a moderator has not taken appropriate action, you can file a complaint or your own report to (Again, please see the first link on my profile first.) If you ever do have a problem with a moderator, please do not report it in the forums. Report it to staff. Targeting a specific user in the forums, whether they are general users or moderators is considered harassment, which is a violation of the guidelines. So, please use the proper channels to report someone. The proper channels include contacting a moderator or using the

Additionally, if someone is harassing you, you can block them from posting on your Activity stream using These instructions. When you block someone, you become unable to post on their Activity and they become unable to post on your Activity. That is extent of the feature.

(If you want to contact me personally, first check the Location area of my profile. If I am taking time off, I will list the names of moderators who are covering for me there. If there are no names there, feel free to report to me. It is always best to contact at least two moderators.


April 27, 2015

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