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Turkish on tablet -text issues

Hi guys, Turkish is out of beta and available on tablet. The one problem that I have found is that Turkish specific characters are not available on the tablet. I suspect I will have to add a Turkish key board to my Tablet or go to the main website and learn there. The on tablet version has most European scripts and whilst Turkish is mainly in Latin script a few letters are different ğ,İ,ş,ı. , and are not available as options on my tablet. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but would appreciate help. It is not urgent as I can study on my PC, which does have the Turkish specific letters available, but I use my tablet for french and it seems silly not to be able to study both on tablet because the script is not available. Thanks in advance

April 28, 2015



You can buy a physical Turkish keyboard which has e.g. bluetooth to connect - but be sure to try it in the shop as bluetooth can be pernicketty so not all tablets may work with all bluetooth keyboards.

So if you have Android like me I suggest you use the app called "Turkish Keyboard". Presumably there is something similar for iOs.


On iOS you can add the Turkish keyboard by going to settings -> general -> keyboard


Android is similar... Go to settings, Language and Input, google keyboard. Uncheck Use system language, then select whichever keyboards you want. When the soft keyboard appears you'll see a small icon bottom right that lists the keyboards you can choose from.


What do you mean "it's on tablet"? On iPad? I did not have a iOS Update for weeks and I'm still waiting for Turkish on my tablet.


have a Google nexus and the Google keyboard is greyed out( can't change it) says turkish is already installed but I still don't get the special characters. I will probably get an app, or continue on pc


all sorted! I knew if i googled enuf even my old brain would work it out! Changed the default keyboard to turkish then when you bring up the keyboard onscreen tap little world symbol next to space bar to toggle between turkish and english

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