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  5. "Annemin gelmesini istiyorum."

"Annemin gelmesini istiyorum."

Translation:I want my mother to come.

April 28, 2015



Can someone explain what are the components of gelmesini?


gelme-s-i-n-i gelme = the noun form of the verb gelmek i.e. "to come, coming" s = buffer letter "only used with the 3rd person suffix" in case there is a vowel. i.e. his/her door, onun kapıSı. i = 3rd person suffix "ı,i,u,ü" i.e. his/her door/house/box/grape, onun kapıSI/evİ/kutuSU/üzümÜ. *if the word ends in a vowel add s then the suffix. n = buffer letter "used on Nouns which already have been suffixed". and again if it ends in a vowel use N to add another suffix like: i = accusative suffix, i.e. i want his/her house onun evi-Nİ isterim


Great explanation, thank you :)


what is the last i for ?...is for the accusative case ?


another question ... so we use the buffer "n" to separate between the suffixes that are in one word ( vowels facing each other case only) and to separate between the 2 vowels that are located in the end of a word and in the beginning of the following word .. so why didn't we add the buffer n between evini -n isterim


Hmm, up to now I never heard you add any buffers between two words ending/beginning with a vowel.
Maybe there is such a rule. (?) I have to admit I cannot imagine.


gelme: coming (participle of "gelmek", to come).
gelmesi: her coming
gelmesini: her coming (accusative) - because it is the object of "istemek" (to want)

What do you want? I want her coming. Whose coming? My mother's coming.

I want my mother's coming. Annemin gelmesini istiyorum.


please confirm: 1-Gelmek istiyorum (gelmek and istioyorum both have the same subject --- I ) 2-Onun gelmesini istiyorum (there is different "subject": gelmisi---onun / istiyorum--- I )

But, why do we need accusatine only in the second case? (gelmisi-ni)


to iii) It is because onun is making it definite. gelmek is just to go, lit. "To come I want". But "his coming" - whose coming? his, that is clearly definite, therefore accusative


1, 2 - I believe that is correct.

I don't know how to answer 3.

It may be connected to the fact that gelmek, as an infinitive, acts less like a noun than gelme (or the possessed form gelmesi) does.


Thanks for your answer!


I think you always need the accusative case when you use "istemek" unless the subject is the same

Example " I want you to eat" = "yemek yemeni istiyorum"

I hope I am right, I sometimes get confused about it too :)


ı thınk not

Selcen_Ozturk explaınd ın a prevıous sentence that we must use accusatıve wıth the verb sevmek, and we can omit accusative with the verb istemek


el_kouzy, in which sentence did Selcen wrote that? Do you remember? Yes, in "infinitive" skill the verb "istemek" is always used with a verb in infinitive form. "yekmek istiyorum"="i want to eat".


great explanation, but why is ''İ want the coming of my mother'' than wrong??


Because that's a literal translation but not how you would usually say it in English.


thank you for the fast reply


If anyone speaks or is trying to learn Hungarian, i think it would be "Az anyám jövését akarom" if we translated it literally, but of course we don't say it like this:)


"Annemin Gelmeğisini istiyordum" İs it true? Do we have such a sentence in turkish?


Can't you just say Annemi gelmek istiyorum


That sounds like "I want to come my mother", which doesn't work since "gelmek" is an intransitive verb, and your mother isn't the real object of the sentence. If the subject of the sentence (here, "ben") is different than the subject of the subordinated verb (here, "annem"), then you need to express the second verb as the object of your sentence, and make it possessed by the subject of the second verb.


Yes, yes, yes!!! Thank you!!! This really helps!!!


I think in this case gelmesi is needed because otherwise its unclear of who's coming is wanted...i think


I tried to tell my Turkish friend that 'I want him to eat' and I did the same mistake you just did, and I was so embarrassed


Can I also say Annemin gelmek istiyorum?

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