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"He sent the newspapers to the school."

Translation:Sheol sé na nuachtáin go dtí an scoil.

April 28, 2015



"Chuir" is also used for sent, and should be accepted. The narrowness of acceptable answers is becoming a major frustration with the Irish version of Duolingo. Time for a review methinks.


Duolingo isn't designed to test the Irish that you have learned elsewhere, it's designed to teach a basic but functional vocabulary and grammar. The exercises "test" you on your knowledge of that basic vocabulary, but they aren't really "tests" - they're just the way Duolingo teaches the material.

Alternative answers have been added as they have been suggested, but realistically the course can't teach the half a dozen different different ways that some phrases could be translated.


Thanks for the response. I gave up on Duolingo after working my way to the end. I do have reservations, from a pedagogical perspective, on the value of teaching one narrow set of answers and "marking" all other equally valid answers as being "wrong" or not acceptable in some way. That simply wouldn't stand up to scrutiny in any other learning environment. Maybe that's just a limit of the technology or the time or the manpower. My father is a native Irish speaker and had some less kind words to say. I wish the rest of you good luck and hope it provides you with what you are looking for.


As I said, Duolingo is designed to teach you Irish, not to test your existing knowledge of the language. If you're already sure enough of your Irish to be put off by issues like this, then you won't get much benefit from Duolingo, but if your Irish isn't that good that you're confident enough to ignore such "corrections", then you learn an alternative way, and, if you're sufficiently interested, discuss the matter here, or look into it further in other sources.

In this respect, Duolino is more like a textbook than a classroom - would you dismiss a textbook that only included Sheol sé na nuachtáin? The capacity exists to recognize "alternative answers" when the course contributors are alerted to them, but that just serves to lessen the annoyance for people like you, who are already familiar with a different idiom - that alternative isn't generally taught to other learners.

In my own case, Duolingo has taught me a lot about the richness and variety of the Irish language - I occasionally stumble across exercises where I'm right, but it think's I'm wrong, but more often than not, when Duolingo says I'm wrong, I'm wrong. When I'm right, I report it, and every so often I get a reply that my response has been added as an alternative answer (I got one last week).


Thank you for your kind suggestions for exploring alternative methods for learning a language. I am pleased that Duolingo has worked so well for you. You asked "would you dismiss a textbook that only included Sheol sé na nuachtáin?" - my response would be "not unless it indicated that alternative correct answers were unacceptable," for the reasons already outlined above. I am also very pleased to hear that your suggestions for alternative answers are being acknowledged. My own experience has been quite different. I have no intention of participating in a repetitive debate about the pros and cons of Duolingo. I have been teaching Irish for over ten years now and I tried the programme to assess its suitability for my own students. For my own purposes it is unsuitable. We are simply going to have to agree to differ.


cén fath "sheol mé . . . chuaig mo máthair," ach "sheol sé . . . go dtí an scoil"?


Is féidir leat úsáid a bhaint as chuig an scoil freisin.


go raibh maith 'ad

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