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"Børnene sidder og leger med hinanden."

Translation:The children are playing with each other.

April 28, 2015



I would appreciate some hints for the differences in between theese progressive contructions of this chapter. Surely this and the one about danish food, where some photos would have been very appropriate, do not allow me to use actively the different versions . Surely it is clear to translate it in a progressive form , but the nuances stay questionable for me. Tanks in advance


Jeg ved ikke om jeg er bare træt, men det lytter lige "leger" har en "N"

I don't know if I'm just tired, but it sounds like leger is being pronounced with an n in the TTS

[deactivated user]

    It's pronounced correctly. Remember that the Danish L isn't the same as the English L.


    Wow listening to it again, and it definitely doesn't sound like an 'N', I must have been tired.

    Also Viktor if you wouldn't mind expanding in what ways the Danish L isn't the same as the English L. I'm aware the Danish soft D isn't the same as the English L.



    The Danish L is "lighter" than the English L, like most Western and Northern European Ls


    Why can't it be, "The children are playing with /themselves/."?


    Wouldn't that mean each of them is playing on his/her own, independently of the others? The "anden" ("other") in "hinanden" tells us they are playing together, with each other.

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