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Which is the best OFFLINE Turkish English dictionary for Android?


I have the "Redhouse Dictionary" (the biggest Redhouse available for Android) on my Android phone but I am beginning to doubt it on occasions. For example Google Translate says "birebir" means "one to one" whereas Redhouse says it means "mostefficacious (remedy)" (sic). In a document my advanced level English relative translated Google Translate seems correct for that word. So is Redhouse sometimes wrong or out of date?

Does anyone know which is the best OFFLINE Turkish English dictionary for Android?

April 28, 2015



And for iPhone BTW ^_^


I also like 'sesli sözlük'


I use something simply called "Turkish English Dictionary". Mine's at version 1.7.2, but I think there's an update. It works fine offline, but if you're online you have access to audio samples of the entries, as well as example sentences.

One other reason I like it is because it includes common idiomatic expressions too.

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