Why isn't é on Swedish keyboards?

Pretty much what the title says. If they use it, why isn't it there?

Edit: I know how to install keyboards onto my devices, and I have done. (This question wasn't really asking HOW to install the keyboard anyway, just how they made é.)

Thanks for all that replied!

April 28, 2015


In contrast to the additional Swedish letters (ÅÄÖ) this is "only" a composite letter, a letter with a diacritic mark. In many languages and keyboard layouts such are created by dead keys, keys with just the accent that don't create a glyph unless you press the base letter key afterwards. A key for accent aigu and accent grave can be found on the top right of the Swedish keyboard layout, just left of backspace.

(More interesting: Why is there no key for œ on the French layout?)

April 28, 2015

I was looking at this exact picture and wondering where the key was! I forgot you could create accented letters that way since my English keyboard (that I know of) doesn't do that. (We hold Alt Gr and press the letter for áéíóú)

April 28, 2015

At least, oe is accepted for that. It is interesting where they placed that accent on the Swedish keyboard.

April 28, 2015

ìt ís théré, ít júst dóésn't wórk liké thé óthér kéys. Yóú préss thé [´] kéy ón thé Swédísh kéybóárd ánd thén préss [E] ánd théy cómbíné tó créáté [É].

April 28, 2015

If you add the international keyboard by clicking on Control Panel, then for Windows 7 clicking on Regions and Languages and then clicking on Keyboards and Languages. I clicked on Change Keyboard, then I clicked on Add, looking (for me) under English, there is an International keyboard that I clicked on: United-States International. It allows me to press the apostrophe and then click on the e. You may prefer to add a Swedish keyboard if this will be your only language. On the international keyboard, å is right Alt key and W of all letters and ä and ö are using the shift apostrophe (or quote) then the a or o.

If you are using a mobile app, on the phones you can just press and hold the key and multiple options appear from which you can choose é.

Scroll down at this site for more information:

Also for my android phone there are swipe keyboards that I can download and the advantage is that if you misspell a word it will auto-correct for the language you are in, instead of trying to change it back to an English word.

April 28, 2015

You can have english and swedish keyboard...I have three at the moment!

April 28, 2015

I have 13 at the moment and the International keyboard is convenient for more than one language!

April 29, 2015

I modified the Swedish keyboard layout ... we already have dead keys to make é è ë ê ẽ ... but I also added ő ě ȩ ĕ ē ė to make sure I was covered.

I can also type Æ Ø Œ – — ∙ • « » „ ” ° ¡ ¿
And I also added some IPA characters:
ɛ ə ɾ ɹ ʈ θ ʏ ʊ ʉ ɵ ɪ ɑ ɒ ʂ ʃ ɖ ð ɟ ɧ ʒ ɔ ɕ ʌ β ɳ ŋ ː

I rarely have to switch layout when I type foreign languages or even IPA.

March 8, 2017

Actually the don't really use it except for french words...It doesn't really belong in their alphabet so...

April 28, 2015

I know it's only for the french words but they DO use it so I just wondered how.

April 28, 2015

It is actually not only used for French words but for any loanwords where the stress is different compared to "regular" Swedish stress.

A lot of these words are also words that are so common that we do not even think of them as loanwords, such as idé or armé. (idea and army respectively)

In some words they also help differentiate from words spelled the same but with different meanings (homographs). For example armén (the army) and armen (the arm).

Also as a sidenote it is very common in last names and indicate where to put the stress. Such as in the common name Rosén.

May 5, 2015

éxcépt théré ís thé é kéy

júst úsé thé ´ kéý

April 29, 2015

för att det inte är en del av de svenska alfabetet

April 30, 2015

I would guess because it's not a common letter in the language. unlike äåö

September 18, 2018
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