"Du behøver batterier."

Translation:You need batteries.

April 28, 2015

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Does this sentence refer to the mechanical husband?


I had it right after the "Er du en maskine?" sentence :)


In the translation for 'behøver' it said 'needing, so I wrote 'You are needing batteries', it then said I was wrong saying that it should have read, 'you are REQUIRING batteries', I think maybe a tolerance for this translation should be included.


orfeocookie is correct. In English, stative (non-continuous) verbs are not usually used in continuous tenses such as the present continuous. Some verbs are stative or dynamic/active, depending upon context.

"To like" and "to need" are stative verbs because they express a state, not an action. Therefore, we say "I like" and "I need" in the simple present. We don't say "I am liking" or "I am needing" in the present continuous.

  • I like batteries, NOT I am liking batteries
  • You need batteries, NOT You are needing batteries

This is a useful summary of stative verbs grouped by concept:

  • Verbs that show thought - believe, doubt, know, understand, recognize, prefer, suppose, suspect, (dis)agree, (dis)approve
  • Verbs that show possession - have, own, want, contain
  • Verbs that show senses - hear, see, smell, feel, appear, seem, resemble
  • Verbs that show emotion - like, love, hate, want, need, desire, wish

Main sources:


In my opinion that wouldn't be correct English. Just because it could be translated "needing" in some sentences, doesn't mean that it works in this sentence.


It should be 'du har brug for batterier' because 'behøver' is more like 'not necessarily'


For the husband who is a machine


I need sleep


Jeg bruger ikke batterier. Jeg fungerer fint uten dem.

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