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Question: "Unfollow Duolingo" ... what does that mean?

When scrolling through my stream, I noticed that when my cursor was over a particular notification that in the top right corner there was a little arrow. So I clicked on it and it said that currently I was following Duolingo, but that I could unfollow Duolingo... what would that even do? Just was curious about this option :)

September 17, 2013



hey there! That should not be there any longer :) It's from when you could follow an entire discussion category. We'll get that out of there soon! Sorry for any confusion.


Thank you for the explanation! I now understand. :)


Interesting. I checked and saw the same thing. I unfollowed, so I guess if it does something I'll find out soon.


Hmm.... haven't noticed anything so far about that, but I noticed something else -- when I clicked on the arrow on another topic it said, "unfollow numbers" ...what!?!?!?

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