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Immersion text containing offensive words

Hello, I've been using the Immersion feature on Duolingo to go through a book Winnetou I by Karel May (published in 1983, one of the best selling German books of all times). My problem is that some chapters got rejected by your uploading system because they contain offensive words. It is mostly dialogues with Dick Parker and other characters who talk, well... I believe this feature of your system is meant to filter trolls, not to prevent pieces of serious literature being uploaded. Would it be possible to somehow upload the chapters without having to censor it?

September 17, 2013



Hey there's no system like that quite yet. Can you share a link to the content? Interested in taking a look. Thanks!


That would really be great if you could do that. For I'm in high school and I came across a curse word in an article that I'm sure my parents wouldn't approve of me reading. If there could be a symbol or something marking this so that I could know not to read it, that would be great. Thanks again for all you do!!!


If you are in high school and are afraid of reading curse words it is time to grow up a little more. Curse words are part of natural languages, and while you may certainly choose not to use them yourself, it is important that you understand what others mean when they use them. This is especially true if you plan on traveling and using your new language.


Maybe it's not so much about growing up as being careful to avoid being told she can't use the site?

I agree, though, Clara, that you're going to get nowhere expanding your knowledge of literature in English or any other language if you have to censor your reading. Everything from Chaucer onwards will involve words that are vulgar or abusive or have been used as expletives at some point in history.


If that's the case then it's her parents that need to grow up. She is in high school already, and should have already started learning how, when, and why it's appropriate or inappropriate to use curse words, and how to deal with people that uses curse words.


Yeah, I agree. That would help me too.


For example the beginning of the 5th chapter (or 3rd, depends how you are counting). I had to split the chapters into parts because they are extremely long. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/6055975 When I try to upload it, the page says "The document may contain offensive content" and the upload button turns gray.


sadfhrw, how's this for Winnetou as Literature? http://www.karl-may.de/modules/produkt.php?nummer=B-00152 :) (My apologies for going off the subj.)


I don't understand your question. Anyway, the book is really old and the original German text is out of copyright for the last 20 years or more. The translations tend to be newer and therefore not in public domain.


Sorry to be unclear. It wasn't really a question. I just thought you might like seeing that one of the Winnetou books had been translated into Latin, nothing more. (In colloquial English we'll often say, "How's this?" meaning, "Look at this and tell me what you think of it.")


thanks for taking time to explain the idiom to me. I looked at it and think that it is totally crazy.


You're welcome. It is totally crazy. Who knows how these idioms develop? They're a mystery.

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