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Click record and translate to French

I've just had this for the first time today, where Duolingo shows you the English and you have to speak the French - it's great!

September 17, 2013



I just encountered this for the first time today in Spanish, and I think it's a great idea. BUT it's not working for me. I hit "record", say my piece, and then the site does nothing. I can't hit "check", I can't "continue", all I can do is record, hear what I recorded, say I don't want to use the microphone, or skip it and lose a heart.


Yes, I have had that problem a couple of times in Chrome. It does go away though if I exit and go back into the lesson.


I'm using Safari, but same thing: when I exited to find out if anyone else was having issues, then went back, it worked.


Same in Spanish, I think its great too. It is fairly tolerant to small spoken mistakes which i guess is probably the best way to introduce this new feature.


bobby joe!!!!!!!!!!!!

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