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  5. "O onun sandalyesidir."

"O onun sandalyesidir."

Translation:It is her chair.

April 28, 2015



So, I'm confused, because I just read your instructions on using "dir" at the end of the word, and I understood that it's only used for big, important, changeless sorts of things, or for uncertainty, or.... Why is it used here?


Maybe it's sort of like 'It's jolly well her chair, alright?' ;-)


It's also used for facts, and here you can say it's a fact


I'm not sure either but I've heard it also expresses uncertainty. Like : A: kedim hiç bir şey yimiyor . B: Aç değildir. İt's probably not hungry. Maybe this sentence is the same case. İ'm not a native speaker . I'm learning as well but there was a complete topic about "dir" on the website. İt could be helpful : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/8649151/Grammar-Suffix-dir


So, if I want to say, "He/She has his/her chair", would the translation be: "Onun sandalyesi var"?


No, I think it would be "Onun sandalyesi onda" -- someone please confirm/correct. Thanks!


Why ''this is his chair'' considered wrong?

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