"O onun sandalyesidir."

Translation:It is her chair.

3 years ago



So, I'm confused, because I just read your instructions on using "dir" at the end of the word, and I understood that it's only used for big, important, changeless sorts of things, or for uncertainty, or.... Why is it used here?

2 years ago


It's also used for facts, and here you can say it's a fact

1 year ago


Maybe it's sort of like 'It's jolly well her chair, alright?' ;-)

1 year ago


I'm not sure either but I've heard it also expresses uncertainty. Like : A: kedim hiç bir şey yimiyor . B: Aç değildir. İt's probably not hungry. Maybe this sentence is the same case. İ'm not a native speaker . I'm learning as well but there was a complete topic about "dir" on the website. İt could be helpful : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/8649151/Grammar-Suffix-dir

6 months ago

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So, if I want to say, "He/She has his/her chair", would the translation be: "Onun sandalyesi var"?

11 months ago
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