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Any way for user to switch back to old Duo format?


Is there any way for a user to switch his/her duolingo back to the old format before the changes were made a week or two ago? I know many people seem to like the changes. For me however, I am having issues in not being able to see the English answer when I do a speaking translation correctly. I click on the "discussion" at the bottom which sometimes will then show the translation. However, many times it does not and either way it is slower than just seeing the translation. I also preferred a couple other items that went away (duolingo giving you a correct answer but also giving suggestions of what would be better, when losing the final heart the screen not going away right away, etc.).

Please let me know or do we all need to use the same format now. Thanks!

September 17, 2013



Hi dtmootz! We do a lot of testing before we release a new feature or design. Once we release the update to all users nobody can go back individually :) What you're describing (the translation in the speak challenges) is something by design, but I'm going to mention it to the rest of the team. Feedback is always valued at Duolingo, so keep it coming.


Yes please I would like that too


I just returned from Italy and was looking forward to continuing Italian lessons on your site.I don't understand why the format for learning has been changed. It is much better to learn a language without having multiple choice words for answers. I really learned a lot from your site with the previous method, and was able to have in depth conversations with native Italians. This new method does not promote thinking on one's own. Having multiple choice words without a sentence has no meaning. It's almost like cheating. It is not an efficient way for one can learn to have a conversation or write in a foreign language.

If there is a way to return to your previous method of learning please do let me know. I am so disappointed with new method that I may not continue using your website.

By the way, before the change, I told many friends to use your website. They will be disappointed as well.


Agreed. It would have been helpful if those who started with the old format to have the ability to continue with it. Imposing the new format is setting some of us back.

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