Any way for user to switch back to old Duo format?


Is there any way for a user to switch his/her duolingo back to the old format before the changes were made a week or two ago? I know many people seem to like the changes. For me however, I am having issues in not being able to see the English answer when I do a speaking translation correctly. I click on the "discussion" at the bottom which sometimes will then show the translation. However, many times it does not and either way it is slower than just seeing the translation. I also preferred a couple other items that went away (duolingo giving you a correct answer but also giving suggestions of what would be better, when losing the final heart the screen not going away right away, etc.).

Please let me know or do we all need to use the same format now. Thanks!

September 17, 2013

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Hi dtmootz! We do a lot of testing before we release a new feature or design. Once we release the update to all users nobody can go back individually :) What you're describing (the translation in the speak challenges) is something by design, but I'm going to mention it to the rest of the team. Feedback is always valued at Duolingo, so keep it coming.

September 17, 2013
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