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  5. "Kedi yatakta uyuyor."

"Kedi yatakta uyuyor."

Translation:The cat is sleeping in the bed.

April 28, 2015



If I'm accurately understanding ShengfenLe's question, "The cat is lying on the bed" would translate as: "Kedi yatakta uzanıyor".


İ think yatak comes from yatmak which means to sleep


Yes they are related. But sleeping : uyumak, it might also mean "yatmak" but only in certain occasions.


If the sentence says that "the cat is sleeping IN the bed", that means that she is physically sleeping inside the bed, not on the bed, or? I know that the translation "on the bed" is accepted too.. but i am interested in the answer for "in the bed".


I guess it's again bad English on Duo's Side.


How it would be, if the cat is not sleeping, she just lie down the bed?


Hello ShengfenLe

"Kedi yatakta uyuyor." Translation: The cat is sleeping in the bed or on it.

"Kedi yatağın üstünde uzanır" - The cat is lying on the bed. (Stretched out) & lazy.


İki sene sonra sana cevap verdim. - I have given you an answer 2 years later & I apologise.

Kind regards.


In English there is a difference between the meaning of "in the bed" and "on the bed." "In the bed" means under the covers. "On the bed" implies on top of the bedcovers or on a bare mattress or open bed perhaps. It implies there is no covering over the sleeper. How does Turkish make this distinction, if it does so? Thanks.


Hello all. I too came to this page because of the in/on question. There seems to be consensus among us English natives that "on the bed" is standard and "in the bed" requires some explanation. (I'll also note that we do say "He's still in bed," which does indeed imply being under the covers.) But for me, the larger question is whether the teams who develop the curriculum include a native speaker of the source language (in this case English). Methinks they ought to.


I am not sure what you are asking :) Can you reword it?


So, "The cat SLEEPS" in the bed" would be: "Kedi yatakta uyur"?


I really appreciate your novelty in understanding English, but guys, I only know "sleep on the bed" in English, I never heard "sleep in the bed", and I did not come here to strengthen my English, you should accept the more widely generic English in your answers... Just saying.

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