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More ways to earn lingots.

I see the ways to earn lingots are very very limited. Let's say, there should be a way to earn lingots by translating articles, or "Lingot pieces" while veryfing or translating part of the articles.

I have completed the portuguese skill tree and I don't feel like learning other language. So i am translating and practicing vocabulary, therefore I am not finishing lessons, since they are all finished, and at level 20, its HARD to level up. What if i hit maximum level?, no more lingots for me.

There should be more ways to earn lingots.

September 17, 2013



It's just the beginning :) Why don't people share some ideas in this thread. A wishlist of sorts for the lingot store.


How about a lingot for filling the timer in timed practice. Whenever I do timed practice, I'm always on a personal mission to have a minute of time remaining, so it would be nice to be rewarded for it. But it doesn't happen very often, and it's quite hard to do, so it would be the timed practice equivalent of finishing a lesson with full hearts.

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How about a lingot just for getting all answers correct in a timed practice?


or depending on how much time you have left


may i suggest giving lingots to a friend or putting some demurrage (unused lingots disappear with time) to make the spending more dynamic ? i have a few hundreds just sitting there.


I like the idea of giving lingots to a friend :) But regarding lingots disappearing with time, hold on with that. Soon there are going to be more things to spend them on.


Brice, are you telling me that lingots disappear with time? How do you know this? Is it written anywhere?


@Melita2: Lingots don't disappear with time. Brice was suggesting to make it disappear with time since he had so many of them without anything to spend it on.


How about Lingots for words learned. L1 per 100 words or some such. I've just gone through 3,000 across all 4 of my languages (and getting close to 1,000 for Spanish), and it would be a nice reward.


When I say private message system here, I am referring to an idea of my own that I will describe at the end.

When or if you decide to finally implement a private message system, I think we should earn ..skill points...not lingots. Then, we could earn lingots for leveling up, this should solve the OP's problem and will advocate chatting in another language.

My idea involves setting up a chat system. Users already have the ability to set their native tongue in Settings. Therefore, a chat system could access such variables, and use them to detect a difference in language. If they are different, then skill points are earned. If not, nothing is earned whatsoever. The reason I say this is because a chat system would indeed be awesome, but unless there is an incentive, the majority of users might decide to simply chat with their buddies in their own language, all the time.

I look forward to hearing feedback from this idea.


There are many idesas on how to earn lingots, but not so many on how to spend them^^


What about some lingots for finishing the tree?


Are the trees going to be extended? That would solve Josue's issue and although I haven't completed any of them, I suspect they don't actually go very far. There could be a lot more about idiomatic usage and language register and other vocabulary areas.


These are similar discussions:

  1. Duolingo could reward new users with 1 lingot for setting up their profile picture and bio.
  2. New users could start with 4 lingots so they can buy heart refill at the beginning. (if they want) or just give them one heart refill at the beginning.


How about a lingot when you report a fault with a question/answer and it is accepted and fixed. The emails are all very nice but lingots may encourage more people to report genuine issues. This is a lingot for confirmed issues, not just reporting them, this may help some of the less-loved languages on here too.



Awarding people with lingots that are very helpful in language sections/sentence discussions.

example: When a comment is marked as correct/helpful by X users a person that wrote the comment receives a lingot. (1 lingot per one helpful comment)

I am aware for that to work some kind of Q&A system (like that of stackoverflow) should exist. It is just one of the things to consider in the future.



If a user collects X coins in Y days award them with a lingot or two.

example: collect 1000 coins in 5(7) days

this could prompt users to try immersion more often and/or to refresh their skills by doing "practice weakest words"

EDIT: It shouldn't be called a wager unless you chip in some lingots. so I think this should work like the current "Double or Nothing" option :) If you earn 1000 points in 5 days you get double if not you lose the amount you have invested.


1000 coins is a bit lot for a week (at least to me who prefer to let the language flow at a slow but efficient pace) but I actually would like to have such an option or something equivalent. There could be a range of challenges like - 100 coins in a week - 200 coins in a week - 20 or 40 coins per day for x days... That would really be incentive to learn on a regular basis I think.



example: 10 lesson streak = 1 lingot

You can check how many lessons an average user can do before he fails one.

Than use that number as a point of reference.

  1. currently people could cheat just by refreshing the page and reentering the lesson. (some way to prevent or register that action could help)

  2. maybe change the number of lessons required according to the level of user.


Like Lingot Dust (10 bags = 1 Lingot)


How would you get lingot dust


By translating immersion articles.


Well since you've completed the tree one way to see how much you've learnt would be to reset that language. At least for me, despite how far I made it down the tree, I'm 100% certain that I don't really understand some of the vocabulary or lessons properly.

You can then earn all the lingots you want and reinforce your knowledge, assuming you don't take the placement test.

As far as different ways of earning lingots, maybe it can also rely on coins, if you somehow reach a number of coins:
e.g. 1 lingot 1000 coins


What about a lingot if you get a 50 day streak? those are hard to get to. For the store I think we could add something like a conversation with someone like you buy it with lingots then chat in whatever language you are learning to one of the native speakers?


I agree. How about a random jackpot that gives you a chance to win some lingots everytime you earn XP?


Hmmm, I have been translating and have tons of lingots, so many that they don't mean anything any more. Translating is also moving me up the tree without my having to do any lessons except to keep my streak going. I agree that it's hard to get rid of the critters. I give them away, but that's a little time consuming since I can only give one a a time, and each time I have to confirm that I REALLY want to to do it.


Get to a thousand and they will disappear. At 1000 mine reverted to 100!

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