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  5. "Where are you going?"

"Where are you going?"

Translation:Nereye gidiyorsunuz?

April 28, 2015



What is the difference between "nereye" and "nerede"? I assume nereye is used with people who are going somewhere, and nerede is more for asking the current location of something...


My Turkish/Dutch dictionary tells me that nereye means 'waarheen' which implies a direction, so in English that would be 'to where'. Nerede means one place. From what I understand, I hope a native speaker will be able to tell if that is correct.


Pretty sure this skill comes later with the ablative


1 and 3 are both correct as "you" means you(singular)-Sen and you(plural)-Siz in Turkish. So, "where are you going?" means either "nereye gidiyorsun?" or "nereye gidiyorsunuz?" according to the context.


I cannot see 1 or 3, I can only see the sentence. These kind of questions require to mark ALL correct answers. If you have a question, please write it clearly.


Is Sen gidiyorsun nereye? wrong? I mean the word order.


Yes...it doesn't even work in casual language.


Hey guys, can you please clarify. Is there a difference between 'you' plural (gidiyorsunuz) and 'you' formal in Turkish? How would we say where are you going (in a formal sense ie. To your boss for instance)?


cant i use the word nerede

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