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  5. "Come here again."

"Come here again."

Translation:Tekrar buraya gel.

April 28, 2015



What is difference beetwin yine and tekrar? Please somebody help me.


They are more or less exchangeable, however to a native ear, they are not the same. Yine - and the colloquial form of it "gene" - are original Turkish forms which have a common stem with the word "yeni"(new). In that sense, you can take "yine" to be equal to the word "anew" in English. It suggests a repetitive action but in a new form. On the other side "tekrar" (stemmed from "kere") is an Arabic loan, and it actually means a "repetition" and suggests a routine event take place. Summing up; for example, if you are inviting someone to a party who had already been to your lodge before, it is better to say "yine gel!" since it implicitly means that you really want him/her to come again.


Can't "gene" rather than "yine" work here also?

[deactivated user]

    you can use it,they are same


    Yes of course. "Gene" is more colloquial but you can see it in the text as well. However it is not that suitable for formal I think


    Would you really say Tekrar buraya gel? İ mean natives, wou!d you say tekrar or does it sound too formal or weird?


    Is it ok to say "Yine burasi gel" ?


    I don't think so. "Burası" is more like "this place." So to say the English sentence with "this place" you have to say "Come to this place again." But "to this place" requires a dative ending. That means you have to use "buraya."


    Not correct. It should be: "Yine buraya gel" or "Buraya yine gel"


    "Come here again." Translation: Tekrar buraya gel.

    Buraya tekrar gelin. Duo accepted this answer with the "bride."

    Buyurun gelin. Come on in. Come right in.


    You can change your wedding dress in the bedroom into something more party like.

    EDITED 23/07/2020 "Gelin" - Bride.

    Did anyone get my wedding joke? On honeymoon maybe?


    Thanks Hilmi! That's a good day for me! At last i know the meaning of "Buyurum" -i so often hear it in the Turkish series-. Hope you are far away this awful virus, you and your daughter.




    Çok üzgünüm ama hastalanmadım.

    (Covid -19)

    I'm very unhappy. Locked out from work for almost 4 Months. Over 3,500 comments to try & answer. The IT department have erased all my grammar & notes studied on Duo. Back to work this week. I may have to start @ the beginning. 4 years work on Duo destroyed.

    Chin up & carry on.

    Thank you.


    Hilmi, it is so strange...why would have done that? I'm quite sad. I"ll write you soon, from the smartphone my son offered to me... Courage and determination. Ok?


    What is the differnce between burasi ,burada and buraya


    farah, "burada" and "burasi" denote a position, localisation. "Burada"="bura" at locative case, in "burada kal"="stay here, "burada sicak"="it is cold here", "buradayim"= "i am here".....etc. "Burasi"="bura" at possive case, means "this place is, this is, the place of here.." in "burasi bir postane"='here is a post office"="this (entire) place is a post office". I wrote in my notebook that "burasi" is only used to describe places. "Buraya"="bura" at dative case, denotes a destination, a motion, in: "buraya gel"="come here", etc...


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