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  5. "An cóta."

"An cóta."

Translation:The coat.

April 28, 2015



So, it doesnt lenite. Is it because it's masculine gender?


How would you say "a coat"? (As I put for the translation)


Just "cóta." It means both "coat" and "a coat."


So cóta is masculine... how do we determine the noun's gender, since there are no different articles like in romance languages?


By looking in a dictionary. Alternatively, since cóta begins with a lenitable letter, an cóta means that it’s masculine; if it were feminine, it would have been an *chóta.


I seem to remember from school (IN THE '40'S) coat was casog - or similar. Is this just one of the changes since those days?


Interesting comment! So I just HAD to check! Looks like casóg means "overcoat"... So just one of those "modern" changes... :-)


Where did you find casóg defined as "overcoat"? casóg is just another word for "coat" or "jacket", and is used for "blazer" and other types of coats/jackets.

"overcoat" is generally just cóta mór or casóg mhór (casóg is feminine, so the adjective is lenited).

This isn't really about "modern changes" - cóta has been around for centuries (maybe even longer than casóg), it's just about dialect words.

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