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Spam Explosion!

Is it possible that all this spam is caused by Duo for Schools? Today especially, more than half of the first page was spam. Honestly, it's a bit frightening for a forum contributor such as myself to see valuable discussions squashed by the weight of spam.

April 28, 2015



I always thought that... Sad


Do you think this could happen with Duo? Or is it occurring as of now?


Maybe Duo for School users should be somehow separated by the rest of the duo community. Like allowing them their own forum area. Duo for Schools is a great idea... until kids who don't actually want to learn anything, spam and takeover a language learning website. If there is something I'd want to remind those set of spammers, it is that: Duolingo can Help school students, but isn't here Only for them.

<h1>thank you!!! finally someone agrees!!!</h1>


O.O Nicht spam Menschen, bitte und danke. (Or for Duogod's sake, put it in the language you are trying to learn! I noticed it too, today in particular. Sad).


It's every single day! When I first discovered Duolingo, the forums were full of interesting and thought provoking posts, but now, it's either about new courses, uninteresting but necessary topics (such as "I'm new!", "I completed my tree!", etc) or spam. I rarely see any good posts anymore, but I myself cannot produce good posts either.


When I logged on Duolingo today to read some "thought-provoking" posts, this is what I saw:

Literally all five of them almost in a row, and all are CAPS-LOCK crazed.... There needs to be an "alert a moderator" or "report for spam" option.

Edit: Thanks to whoever removed them! Finally!


I agree that there should definitely be a "report as spam" option, though I do find that the moderators usually get rid of it within an hour, but imagine, that is probably a full-time job just to delete all the spam that is being constantly put on the forums.


The post of "I finished my tree" is not a bad post. It is a person who has just accomplished a huge goal, and it is their way of sharing it with us, and I love upvoting those, and giving them lingots. Now, the "I'm new" posts, those can be considered spam. But when someone finishes a tree, that's another person in this world who speaks another language, and we ought to applaud them for their accomplishment.


Please report any spam to abuse@duolingo.com - sharing links and a reason. Thank you!


It's gone now... Some intrepid moderator took it upon themselves to delete it all.


It's sad. Sign the petition and tell Luis von Ahn to declare war on spam!


It's an anonymous petition. Upvote my comment above to sign it.


keima threatened to spam me

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