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From a Native Irish Speaker

Today I decided to try Duolingo Irish. I learned Irish before I learned English and I was really bothered when I was marked wrong when I wrote certain sentences For example, when I used 'mar gheall go' instead of 'mar' I was marked as wrong I'm glad that this is a language on Duolingo. I just wish they'd recognized the way people say certain things. This seems to be mainly Laigheann/Mumhann style Irish from what I've done. Maybe a bit more of the Western style? Ba bhreá liom bhur gcuid tuairimí a chloisteáil

April 28, 2015


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Did you report your answer as correct? Assuming it is correct according to the standard, the course contributors would probably add it as correct. As you can imagine, it's very hard for them to get every possible translation written down on their own, so they're bound to have made accidental oversights.


I would definitely encourage you to report your answers (just click the "my sentence should be correct" option). I know it's annoying, but it's how they build up a variety of answers. Every language team is different, but the Irish team seems to be fairly responsive :)


I know for a fact that while the team aims to teach "standard Irish," they want ALL forms of Irish to be accepted. I'm sure they'd be glad to hear your suggestion. They've had a pretty crazy time making the course accept not only multiple dialects of Irish, but also multiple dialects of English!! They do want answers from people like you to be considered correct by the course.


The course uses Standard Irish.

An bhfuil Gaelainn Uladh agat a mhic/bhean?


A bhean. Agus is í ghaeilge Chonnemara atá agam ó dhúchais ach is í Ghaeilge Uladh atá ag m'athair


Didn't the team say that the course would teach Standard Irish in the sentences that it actively tells you as the correct solution, but that it would accept answers in any dialect?


So are you saying that there are differnt ways to speak Irish.


For such a small country, you wouldn't believe the differences

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