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"Mi amigo y yo no vamos a beber cerveza."

Translation:My friend and I are not going to drink beer.

September 18, 2013



We are not going to drink beer... instead, we are going to spend time (read: waste time) trying to figure out why Verbs: Future has turned into Verbs: Phrasal Future.


Hold on! I have a response about this! I was told that in Mexico, they do not use future tenses of verbs as often as phrasal future; future forms of verbs are seen as more proper and educated (not wrong in any means), but most people in speaking use the phrasal form. Also, you almost always use the future form of verbs in proper Spanish writing. Hope that helps!


This is absolutely correct, and is true of most conversational Spanish in Latin America. The phrasal just seems to be easier to frame. As a result, even here on duolingo, the phrasal and the simple future can be used interchangeably for an event in the reasonably near future.

No beberemos cerveza = No vamos a beber cerveza


That would be "No vamos a tomar cerveza", but the "Mi amigo y yo" is there, so "My friend and I".


"...No Corona, no Dos Equis, no Pacifico, no Modelo....At least not for 10 minutes or so."


no Sol tampoco, tiempo triste ;)


is this a game called What latinos NEVER say?


"Dos whiskys, por favor."


Lo siento, parce. Sólo tenemos guaro, tapa roja...


Vamos a beber Tequila.


So, I work hard on minimizing my "gringo" accent. We are taught the the spanish "v" sounds like a "b", but I often hear is sounding like a "v" to me. I listened to this speaker say "cerveza" about 15 times and is sounds like a "v" to me. I would love some input on this...


Maybe in Spain. Mexican "cerveza" should be with a "v" sound.


B and V have the same sound at the moment of speaking. In spain V sound is different from B sound.


Are you Spanish? If so, I bow to your greater knowledge. As I understand it, a 'v' and a 'b' are pronounced identically in Spain, be it slightly more like a 'b' on occasions, and slightly more like a 'v' on others, or something in between, depending on the word and the position of the letter.


Por què no? Cerveza es delicioso

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