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  5. "Le maïs est noir."

"Le maïs est noir."

Translation:The corn is black.

December 23, 2012



One of the options when you hover over "maïs" is given as "sweetcorn", "the sweetcorn is black" is marked as incorrect, though.


how is "les mais est noir" not correct as well? They sound the same.


This is a problem that I have noticed every time "maïs" is said or written: French say "LE maïs" not "LES". If it were "les maïs" you would have the verb and the adjective in agreement, ie in plural "les maïs sont noirs"


Le and Les do not sound the same...


Yes, this is why when the voice says "LES maïs", you should expect the verb and the adjective in agreement. Which is not the case here, she systematically says "les" instead of "le".


Could they have fixed this already? I'm certain that i'm hearing "LE maïs est..."

Edit: Either that, or we're listening to different versions


Agree, I have just listened to it again and it has been fixed!


We don't refer to corn as a plural in english either. We don't say 'the corn are ready', we say 'the corn IS ready'. Nor do we refer to other words as plurals. We don't say 'i'm getting my hairs cut'. We use that as a singular as well.


How is the double dotted " i " pronounced?


As a standard "i", but detached from the "a": MA-I-SS

Note that "mais" (without trema) is pronounced MAY (not diphthonged)

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