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"Todos vocês estiveram nesse lugar?"

Translation:Have you all been in that place?

September 18, 2013



i put in, "all of you have been in that place?" and was told it was wrong and that 'in' should be 'to'

Am i correct in understanding that nesse is em+esse, which means 'in that' ?


Em + esse = nesse


I answered the same way, but i don't understand why it's wrong if the second solution is "Have you all been in that place?"


Can you say "Were you all in that place"?


Using "in" like this is not grammatically incorrect but it's a really strange sentence and I can't think of many occasions where it would be used. But for sure it is the literal translation.

I think what the portuguese sentence wants to say is "to that place", it's just that they use "in" and we use "to".

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