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"She eats a piece of the man's orange bread."

Translation:Hun spiser et stykke af mandens orange brød.

April 29, 2015



I read this as 'she eats a piece of the man's orange beard'. it can't be unseen now. :((


appelsinbrød burde være ganske udmærket.


Ja, men det er fordi det er 'brød' that has 'farven orange', og ikke frugten. c':


If I search google for "orange bread", every hit is for something involvind bread with orange in it, not orange coloured bread. Clearly the normal meaning is hence bread made with orange, not orange coloured bread. Hence it is wrong, or at least highly misleading. My suggested translation is clearly the more plausible and accurate one. At this point I have pretty much given up on duolingo, given the content is clearly terrible quality.


Agree! In English we would never ask a baker for the orange bread unless it contained oranges. We would ask for the pumpkin bread if it was "orangish" because of the pumpkin. We must remember that English is not the first language of the people writing these programs. Too bad they don't take the hints and clean up the program.


appelsinbrød fås i danmark - should be accepted


Whats the difference between en and et? (I should know this by now)


et is for neuter words (intetkøn), while en is for common words (fælleskøn). Common gender is masculine and feminine combined, while neuter is as it is in german (German uses male, female and neuter as the three genders, while french uses male and female, but danish use common and neuter).

And don't worry, I was 13 when I left Denmark and I didn't know that danish had genders, I just knew there were two types of words. I only learned that bit much later when my wife started to learn danish.


I wish the hints wouldn't tell me that it's going to accept "stykke" as "piece of" when the system requires "af". Tell me what you're going to take amd take it.

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