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  5. "Why are you going back?"

"Why are you going back?"

Translation:Hvorfor går du tilbage?

April 29, 2015



Does 'tilbage' mean to return(I am going BACK to my home town) or backwards(I am walking back).

[deactivated user]

    Why are you going back => Hvorfor går du tilbage?

    Why are you going backwards? => Hvorfor går du bagud?


    Thank you, have a lingot


    What is the difference between the plural you and the normal you in Danish? What does it mean by plural? (I know what it means, but just don't understand when to use it.)


    The idea of 'you all'. More than one person that you're addressing as you.


    is it also correct saying "hvorfor SKAL du tilbage"???


    Shouldn't (Hvorfor går I tilbage?) although formal, be correct also?


    "Hvorfor går I tilbage" is accepted as an answer already and is plural rather than formal

    The formal "you" is "De" (always with a capital D when written) but this is very rarely used in day-to-day speech


    I had the sentence in a pick from 3, and Hvoror går I tilbage, was one of the choices but it only would except Hvoror går du tilbage.


    My bad on the formal, I really was thinking plural and not formal but that's not what I typed. I hate it when typos make you look dumb. Sorry! :)


    I think Hvorfor kommer du tilbage? would also be a correct answer.


    I think that's a different perspective. "Why are you COMING back" vs "Why are you GOING back"


    I recognize I missed går in my answer, but I was told this:

    My answer: Hvorfor du tilbage? "Correct" answer: Hvorfor kører du tilbage?

    Where did kører come from? I think kører means driving - not a word I have learned yet.


    Would "Hvorfor kører du tilbage?" translate to Why are you driving back?

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