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"O pássaro tenta abrir a corrente."

Translation:The bird tries to open the chain.

September 18, 2013



Thanks for yet another lesson in abstract thinking, Duolingo.


Maybe it's a jailbird?


This is a ridiculous sentence that makes no sense.


Agree entirely w/ all above... nonetheless I have to say that these wacky sentences succeed in drawing my attention, and helping me remember the vocab...


The bird tries to fly out of formation?


I am starting to think some of these sentences are computer generated.

Eu estou comecando a pensar que algumas dessas frases sao produzidas pelo computador.


Because Duolingo forces me think in such a bizarre fashion...

First of all, you unlock locks, not chains. You can't unlock a chain.

I was thinking that the bird had a switch to turn the current on and off. Maybe it has a little stream in its fancy cage...

Evil Duolingo!!! I have to be frickin' Picasso to think in the abstractions here.


Is this sentence as weird in Portuguese as it is in English, or is something missing in the translation?


Simply the bird is a bodybuilder XD


Wait, it tries to open the chain? Or... a lock on its cage?


Totally ridiculous!


I was hoping that chain was somehow an abstraction for cage. Guess i was wrong....


"Undo the chain" was marked wrong, but is maybe the best translation. "Open the chain," which is not natural English, was a "correct" translation. "Unlock the chain" was also given correct, but it would only be right if we know the chain has an actual lock rather than a clasp or a hook. They need to fix this.

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