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"Hun er et lysende eksempel problemet."

Translation:She is a glowing example of the problem.

April 29, 2015



Is this a common phrase in Danish akin to "a glaring example"?


i still don't understand when to use på or af in a sentence....


yeah I was here for an explanation haha, is "et eksempel af" wrong?


could it be 'the lighting example'? To me the glowing example sounds a bit off...


In English, we'd say "shining".

I don't think I've ever heard "glowing" - "lighting" is definitely wrong, though.


As miacomet said above, "glaring" is a better word for the negative kind of thing we have here -- at least in US English -- if you're being straightforward. "A glaring example of the problem" is quite idiomatic. You could, it's true, say "a shining example of the problem," but it's a bit sarcastic. Shining examples are generally assumed to be positive, and this too is idiomatic.

Glowing examples are fine for positive qualities; and understandable but weird for negative ones. I also agree that a "lighting example" is wrong here -- that would be a demonstration of how to arrange your lamps.


I don't agree at all: 'glowing example' is simply not idiomatic English of any kind.


Yeah, I agree. Shining does sound better.


however, "brilliant" was not accepted, because reasons


A glowing example is something positive to my ears, unless this is sarcasm?

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