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  5. "He eats the meal."

"He eats the meal."

Translation:Ele come a refeição.

September 18, 2013



Wait why is it A refeicao if it ends in a o making it male


Well, it is a general rule that nouns ended in o are masculine, but the ones ended on -ção are most probably female


same with french.. the ones ended on -tion are most probably féminine.


Why "ele come o prato" ? You mean "prato" = "dish"?


"Ele come o prato" is the answer duolingo gives me for "he eats the meal, but i thought prato was plate? Is that an expression?!


Prato = plate/dish

But "ele come o prato" is closer to "he eats the plate" =)


How about "ele come a comida". Isnt food and meal the same?


(your sentence) → It just means "he eats the food". It could be any morsel.., whereas a meal is likely filling... You might also consider a meal normally consists of more than one thing. Comida could be just A baby carrot (cenoura).

  • Idk the term for baby


(it didnt post the rest of what I typed for some reason........)

"Idk the term for baby"_ carrot. Perhaps, cenoura bebê or maybe its more like cenourinha*? The latter I'm guessing... (Help - ajude)


Error? I said "Ele come a refeição" , but it only accepts "Ele come a prato".


"Ele come a refeição" is accepted.


Why can't I use "jantar"?

I know that "Jantar" = "Dinner".....though in English we're never quite so specific.

What do others think?

Breakfast is breakfast, lunch is lunch, but when we say "Meal" we usually refer to dinner (some folks call it "tea")...we don't really use the word "meal" to describe anything other than the big, main "meal" we have sometime after 5pm.

As I see it, in Portuguese = Reficao=food/meal In English food =/= meal = dinner....I don't think "food" and "meal" are really used interchangeably in English?

Sorry...rattling on here....not sure that I'm being very clear! One day I'll be able to lose a heart and just accept it! :-(


Take risks if you like but learn to lose gracefully.

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