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Turning off certain words or pictures for words?


I'm newly re-using duolingo. I had tried to use it to refresh my Spanish a couple of years ago, but I stopped using it (I'm sure most of you will think it's a stupid reason and it is) because I vividly remember getting to the animals lesson and being confronted with an upclose picture of a spider's face. I'm absolutely terrified of spiders. Is there anyway that I can block that word from having a picture or that I can skip that word altogether in other languages I'm learning? I'm currently working on Irish and I don't want to feel like I have to quit again : My arachnophobia is that bad.


April 29, 2015



To my knowledge, there is no user control of either pictures or vocabulary here. Some browsers allow the blocking of all images, if you use a browser for Duolingo; for example, Firefox can do so in the Contents tab of its Tools → Options (under Windows) or Preferences (under OS X), if removing all images while using Duolingo is a price that you’d be willing to pay to avoid receiving an image of a spider. I know that damhán alla (“spider”) has been mentioned in the Irish discussions, but no images were embedded within those discussions; I don’t remember if there was an Irish exercise with an image of a spider.

EDIT: If you or someone you know is comfortable with software configuration, you could set up a browser to not display known spider images (but display all other images) by hooking it into a proxy filter like Privoxy, and providing the filter with the URLs of the images to not be displayed.


Thank you. I might see if someone i know can do that for me. I did notice that there wasn't a picture. I got through that lesson in Irish and noticed there wasn't a picture. I'm trying to tell myself it's stupid because it's just a picture, but it's really bad :|

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