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  5. "Drink some beer!"

"Drink some beer!"

Translation:Biraz bira iç!

April 29, 2015


[deactivated user]

    I am a bit confused: I wrote "Birkaç bira iç" and it was marked as wrong. Although when I hover over "some" it translates is as both "biraz" and "birkaç". Is the excercise too restrictive or did I miss something?


    I am not a native speaker but I am guessing that the difference has to do with the countability of the noun they are modifying, i.e. biraz = some (modifying an uncountable noun), and birkaç = a few (modifying a countable noun)?? Again I am just guessing here...


    Are'biraz' and 'bazı' synonyms? Could I also say 'Bazı bira iç' or would that change the meaning?


    They are not synonyms but similar. "Bazı" means "some", and it is used with a plural noun after it, for example: "bazı insanlar" meaning some people. You can't say "bazı insan". Biraz also means some, but you cannot use it with plural and countable nouns, "biraz insanlar" , "biraz ev" is wrong. You can say "Biraz bira iç" but not "bazı bira iç".


    Thanks I got it. In German it would be:

    biraz = etwas

    bazı = einige /manche

    with the same rules as you mentionned.


    Long story short: "bazı" for countable nouns, "biraz" for uncountable ones. Right?


    So if I have a pile of beer bottles in front of me and my friend comes by, could I say "Bazı biralar iç"?


    No, bazı means some as in 'some/part of'. It never means a little or a few.

    Some beers are white, some are dark. -> Bazı biralar beyaz, bazıları koyu.

    Your sentence should be biraz bira iç or birkaç bira iç.


    Biraz means "a little bit", doesn't it? Rather than bazi, which just means some. So, if I want to say "Drink some beer" in the sense of "drink some, no matter how much, just not all of it" what do I have do say? And shouldn't the English phrase say "Drink a little bit of beer" rather than "drink some beer" so it is clear that biraz is the expected translation. As a German, for me there is a world of difference between some beer and a little bit of beer ;-)


    "bazi bira ic" makes absolutely no sense. some has two meanings,

    1. An unspecified amount or number of: drink some beer= biraz bira ic
    2. an undetermined or unspecified one: some beer bottles are red: bazi bira siseleri kirmizi.

    biraz is not necessarily a very little amount


    Ah, okay, thanks, that difference hadn't been clear to me yet.


    Why you-moderators- of the courrse dont write some notes for revision of these cofusing rules


    It will be very helpful


    i really confused :s when we use biraz, az, birkaç ve bazi !! Can someone explain the difference between thoses. Thanks

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