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  5. "Şu ev üç odalıdır."

"Şu ev üç odalıdır."

Translation:That house has three rooms.

April 29, 2015



so is this the form we would actually use, rather than the way of saying it which ends in 'var'?


You can say both "Şu ev üç odalıdır" and "Şu evin üç odası var".


It is more like "That is a 3-room house" if I am not mistaken.


You mean "Şu evin üç odası var?"


I think "There are three rooms in that house" is also correct translation but it doesn't work


can ''odalı'' be used as an adjective? For example, could I say "Şu odalı ev büyük"?


I'm confused, what part of odalıdır implies to have?


"odalı" means "with room." This is kind of like saying "my house is with three rooms." It doesn't make sense in English, but this is how it is phrased in Turkish :)


I meant "...a house with three rooms"


"Şu ev üç odalıdır." Translation: That house has three rooms.


"That house is with three rooms." - Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


What the -dir suffix means here?



"Şu ev üç odalıdır." Translation: That house has three rooms.


"That house is with three rooms." - Correct other answer accepted by Duo.

Üç follows ev. When Turkish adjectives follow a noun it is stating a fact.

"Şu ev üç odalı." - Also correct & the "-dır" suffix is for emphasis & reinforces the verb. I like this - "Şu ev üç odalıdır." It sounds more reassuring.


Isnt uc Odalidir a kind of adjective? I'm sure it has a word in grammer but I can't remember. It us used to describe something about the house, I'm familiar with it because it is part of at least 4 other languages that I speak. In english it is mostly used in sceintific names of things like plants and compounds ie, double helixed or trileafed etc. Nearest translation of the above sentence would be 'the tri-roomed house'. It does not say any thing about the house 'having' but we know from the tei that the house has 3 rooms. I hope that explains the idea, which is common in languages like arabic and urdu but alien to everyday english speakers.


A previous question: Evin kac odali? The answer is Su Ev uc odalidir. Why did we not say: Su evin uc odalidir?


Literally, that is a house with 3 rooms?

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