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No time to see mistakes

Does anyone else find it annoying that when you make your final mistake and lose the round, the screen resets and you can't see what the actual mistake was or the correction needed before you try it again? I get no time to see what I did wrong before I see that "Oops" screen. Is there a way to change that?

September 18, 2013



Also if you make a mistake during the round the countdown keeps going so you dont really get a chance to see what your mistake was


You have the option of checking your input, but not in timed mode.


I'm not in timed mode.


Nvm. I see it now. Thank you!


In the upper right hand corner there should be an option to "see your answer" or something along those lines. Just click on it.


Please, please allow me to see the mistake I make at the end of timed practice!! If the last question is hard, and I run out of time, then I don't even know how I'm doing on that question! What if you let the timer just pause on the last question so that you can finish it and then find out if you did ok or what mistake you made?

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