My Streak

My xp keeper says I have zero xp yesterday when I really got over 100 and my goal is fifty a day. Yesterday I had a 269 day streak and today I would have 270. Now I have a one day streak. Please return my streak.

April 29, 2015


Ow that sounds painful- I'd hope they do return your streak- I make sure my streak fire has a check mark next to it. But I just started a few days ago.

Ow that sounds even more painful :'(

Tell me about it.

Does that mean I need to get streak freeze even if I play every day?

Im not quite sure. Maybe it just glitched or something. They haven't fixed it yet, but I'm still in hopes.

I really do hope you can get it back, my daily streak is growing, but after hearing your troubles. I think i'm going to keep a streak freeze purchased, just in case.

I'm gonna play every day!

Definitely, always have a streak freeze on standby, just in case there's a glitch. parked91, I hope Duolingo's management can restore it for you. Good luck.

Edit--Just saw your current level, so I sent some lingots your way to allow you to purchase the streak freeze.

Oh I'm restarting the tree repeatedly to get better at knowing on sight. The further I get the more words I don't recognize instantly. The added benefit is receiving 10-20 lingots a day.

Thank you very much though, a kindness for a kindness and the world would do well.

Try posting on bchan's stream, she is the employee who might help you. They get a lot of spam though, so good luck.

For some reason I get no credit if I log in between 11 PM and midnight. I lost a 152 day streak and 3 streak freezes before I figured that out.

Same here! I just came on to do more, and have done it all week but it says I suddenly have no streak. Very frustrating.

Is there a way to freeze a streak for an entire month?

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