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  5. "Mon père va bien."

"Mon père va bien."

Translation:My father is doing well.

September 18, 2013



Could "my father is going well" not also be correct here?


It’s not correct English, even though it is a literal translation.


In Australia "My Father is going well", or just "My Father is well" would be the preferred translation. Phrases with "doing" are very American, and sound incorrect to our ear - in the same way that I am guessing "going" sounds to you. I have a Canadian friend who always laughs when visiting Australia, he gets asked "How are you going?"


Moreover, in Australia if not elsewhere too, if someone is "doing well" then they are succeeding in their pursuit of business, career, study, etc.


Good point - "doing well" actually has a different meaning as you have outlined. "Going well" is more to do with health and well being, but "doing well" is external things like business, financial. I wonder whether there is a similar nuanced phrase in French - anyone know?


Quelqu'un suce un chien s'il vous plait ?


It is correct English, depending where you are from. Perfectly acceptable and grammatically correct. There are many correct Englishes; hard to write algorithms that catch them all. As human beings we need to be more open to accepting that there is no "one" correct, or even "standard" English. It all comes down to where you're from (and/or where you learnt your English).


Why is it that non-American English is for some reason considered not correct English? Going well is even more commonly used in many parts of the English speaking world. It's strange that Duolingo will accept mum and mom but not going and doing.


It isn't! It is just that we are sometimes baffled because there are faux Amis words between US and UK English, other English speaking countries, areas and regions. A US yard here is ordinarily a (UK) garden. Pants here are underwear not jeans or trousers, etc. So, we are all learning varieties of English, too. It can be fun. Are you wearing your red pants? would be a very personal question in the UK! Just bear with us whilst we learn American!


Are you really studying all the languges


harry Potter fan?


wow you speak a lot of languages! Keep up the hard work I know you can do this!


"my father is doing well" is the correct one


What's wrong with "my father's ok"?


That is what I put in too.


My father is going well sounds like he is dying with a good attitude.


I really need help in telling the difference between 'vas' and 'va'!


'My dad is doing allright' should be accepted.


Im afraid to risk it, so ,is "my father is fine," correct????


How are you going/doing? I'm going/doing fine.


In Australia it would be more common to say My Father is going well.


Yes, or simply "My Father is well"


I listened, listened and listened to what the voice was saying and I still say it was saying frere and not pere. This has happened several times in other lessons causing my answers to be shown as incorrect. Is there any official, supervisor, advisor, moderator or anyone else in authority at Duolingo who can discuss this problem with a student with a view to trying to correct it?


Because " farther " is not the right word It is father


This could also be : "my father is very well"



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