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  5. "Nereye yağmur yağıyor?"

"Nereye yağmur yağıyor?"

Translation:Where is it raining?

April 29, 2015



I didin't understand this sentence. Why there is no NEREDE - where? Why there is NEREYE - to where? :/


Both are correct. Yağmak can be used with both locative (-de) and dative (-e).


Are there specific instances where something cannot be used with locative and dative


Without any change in the meaning? Rarely, if never.


Parka yürüyorum. → I'm walking to(wards) the park.

Parkta yürüyorum. → I'm walking in the park.

Yağmak is exceptional, because the verb normally means "to fall from the sky/skies". When something falls, it naturally falls towards something or some place, so the dative kind of makes sense for this verb.

Locative: İstanbul'da yağmur yağıyor. → It is raining in Istanbul.

Dative: İstanbul'a yağmur yağıyor. → Rain falls (from skies) towards İstanbul.

I guess the dative is more poetic, but both of these constructions are common.

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