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Timing -- I have completed 29 consecutive days but only a two day streak is registered.

April 29, 2015



you should post this under the troubleshooting.


Thanks--I have a lot to learn but thought it was posted under troubleshooting. Thanks for your input.


I wonder why the consecutive days are not registering correctly. It frequently starts back at one day when I have not practiced for several days in a row. Do I always have to practice on line to have the days register correctly_


Streak is continuous days of meeting your daily goal on Duolingo. If you have a daily goal of 30 and score only 20 XPs on a day, the streak will be reset and will again start from one the next day. Unless, of course, you have purchased a streak freeze.


That helps me understand it (I really meant to say when I "have" practiced. Thank you.


For continuation of streak, you need to reach your daily goal. If you have set a goal of 30 and only get 20 XPs, your streak will not count for the day.


I have times when I don't get to my practice until after 9pm local. Somehow Duolingo doesn't count that toward my streak - are they using eastern time zone as a cut off for the day? It's very frustrating when I feel I have made twenty consecutive days and they've restarted me at one!

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