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My streak of over 180 (poss 190) days just disappeared!

I don't know what happened, I thought I had done my daily amount, as I am quite methodical, but when I logged on today I was again back to halfway through a 'strengthen' exercise (this has been occuring often) and my streak was 0.

I am gutted as I have been working very hard at this and even did it whilst abroad, to keep it up. I had at that time 'purchased' a streak freeze, which to my knowledge I have never used as I come on every day without fail, and it obviously was of no help :-(

Did I make a mistake or was there a glitch of some sort?


April 29, 2015



Personally, I found the streak becoming more of a chore than a desire, and it affected my learning. It's a nice thing to see, but learning should be the focus, not jamming a lesson in to keep your streak alive.


Absolutely. However, I find it helps me keep up my momentum, particularly for the hard bits. It's just really disappointing.

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