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"Bu bir biyoloji laboratuvarı."

Translation:This is a biology laboratory.

April 29, 2015



In Noun + Noun construction, does the second one always have a suffix? Like biyoloji laboratuvar"ı"?


Except when it is a "takısız isim tamlaması", such as "örümcek adam".

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    Does it change anything if I say "Bu biyoloji bir laboratuvarı"? And I guess putting "Bunu" instead of "Bu" it's wrong


    You can't put "bir" in between. If you have two nouns together (biyoloji & laboratuvar), and only the second one has received a suffix (laboratuvarı), you can't put anything in between.

    And yes, you can't say "bunu" in this sentence. That's the subject: it has to be in the nominative (Dictionary) form.


    so what you're saying is that you cant do that for compound nouns right?


    So cases like this, biyoloji is not acting as an adjective as it would be in English?

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    Is the word 'lab' or 'labo' ever used?


    "Lab" sounds like something that might be used, but I am not sure. I'll ask Selcen the Scientist.

    [deactivated user]

      Based on my personal experience, "lab" is used commonly at universities. Though, if you use it outside the context (talking with family, the elderly, small children, man on the street etc. :P), most people wouldn't even understand what you are referring to.

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      Thanks! :-)

      When used, does it get the usual suffixes? "Labımdayım." ?

      [deactivated user]

        Yeah pretty much. I hear/say things like "labdayız" or "ders labda" almost on a daily basis at uni. :)


        No, we never say that. It's extremely slang and you will never hear a teacher saying this. They will just laugh at you if you are older than 24.

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        I can imagine that abbreviations like that are counterintuitive in the Turkish language, it being agglutinative.


        There are plenty of abbreviations in Turkish, ODTÜ (Middle East Technical University) being a prime example.

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        Quite. I was referring to the type of abbreviation where the first syllable of a single word is kept, and the remainder of the word is cut off.

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