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A Chat for Duolingo?

I think a chat would be awesome. By that, I mean that we could chat with the people we added in the language that we both could be learning, and more! What do you guys think?

September 18, 2013



I've always liked the idea of a chat roulette kind of thing but the purpose being to practice the language you are learning. Having it so you choose your language and you randomly get connected to someone else who wants to converse in the language of choice, but there was always one fault which is the inevitable masterbaters you find on any randomised video feed program and will need to wade through them to find a proper candidate. One way of getting passed this is by having some requirements that must be reached before using the feature eg. must be level 10 or higher to be able to use the feature (this way if you break the rules you can be banned from your account, making the risk high and making it so only serious DLers wiht hours of investment into the learning process can use the feature) or another option would be you can only use the random video chat feature by using the lingot thingos, this would again have the same effect where only serious DLers who earn't enough lingots with hours of practice can use the feature. With those or similar conditions you can minimise, manage or even avoid people abusing the system.


I thought a chat as in without videos/cameras! :/ Just chat typing, but chatting with microphones also sounds awesome!


Verbling.com has this feature. They try to make you pay but they have a free chat-roulette style language exchange feature


that must have seen by the developers. a perfect system. risking accounts makes things serious.


What about #duolingo at freenode.net ? I am sure people at Duolingo are already familiar with freenode!


And going further. Sometimes you just dont know what to write/talk about with others in language you just dont know very well. So my idea is: Add sentences to translate from english to for example french. 1. Write: Hello, my name is Zordon and im red dog having blue eyes. Its just ridiculous example but may work for many of us.


I would like this a lot too, but it's not difficult to find one on the internet. http://espanglishchat.com/ is a bilingual chat room that is good for those who want to practice their Spanish or English!


While this is true, i would feel more comfortable using this feature with duolingo as i feel more embedded in the community here and through the discussion pages i feel that I 'know' some people, at least in terms of their language use. Tbh I would rather it was audio rather than visual as i feel a bit uncomfortable about other people seeing me/my house/my family on video. But that might just be me


i think private messages would be better. because when you make it a chat more people would be about dateing then learning. so messeges but not chat rooms.


I think it would be the other way around. Private messages would lead to dating, whereas public chat would be more about learning.


hhhmmm i think it could work


Chatting for Duolingo is awesome i love that we can communicate with different languages.

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