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Dropdown menu suddenly not working

I started using Duolingo with Spanish and German. It worked without problems. But now I can not switch to German because the dropdown menus aren't working (feedback, ...). Does anyone know what's wrong?

May 14, 2012



i had to disable the adblock plus and the ghostery plugin to get the menu and the feedback panel working again.


Clear cookies (+ cache)? Alternatively try another browser (but clearing cache and cookies should work).


can you send us a feedback and maybe attach a screenshot?


Try this: Go to this page: http://duolingo.com/#/settings/account Click on the drop down menu and use the arrows to browse courses.


Thanks @all. Problem solved. I'm not sure, what helped in the end, because I did't change anything. Cookies have always been deleted after each of my internet-sessions. Probably bug-fixing helped.

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