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"I like to be reading newspapers."

Translation:Is maith liom a bheith ag léamh nuachtán.

April 29, 2015



Why isn't this "nuachtáin"?


Nuachtán is both the nominative singular form and the genitive plural form.


Thank you. I understand now.


Ok, I have gotten this wrong several times now. What is the "a" for. I miss it every time. Also would you really say "I like "to be" reading newspapers" I mean is the "to be" necessary. Or would you normally just say, "I like to read newspapers"?


The a can be left out in speech, though it's generally written. You can think of it as roughly equivalent to "to" in English however. And, no, you don't need 'to be' here. This sentence could also translate as "I like reading newspapers", though you need the (a) bheith in Irish. 'I like to read newspapers' would be Is maith liom nuachtáin a léamh.


Ok, I see. Thank again.


is this wrong: is maith liom a bheith nuachtan a léamh


nuachtán a léamh is an infinitive - "to read a newspaper", so you have two infinitives - a bheith-"to be" and a léamh-"to read". That doesn't work in either language.

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