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"Ella cree que estoy en mi casa."

Translation:She believes that I am at my house.

December 23, 2012



but I'm really with you in this motel room ;)


I had the same thought as jdabell. I can't think of any time I have ever said to someone "I am at my house". It is grammatically acceptable, but feels weird.


You've never said "I am at my house." ? I say it a lot. But then I tend to move around a lot. I also interchange "I am at my house." with "I'm at home." so I agree that they should both be acceptable translations.


I translated stay in stead of am. Translation gave that example, but they said it was wrong. For the umpteenth time, grrrrr...


Surely there is a difference between believing and thinking? Or is that too philosophical? I just marked "believes" and not "thinks" and was marked wrong.


Think is pensar. Mabe dl wants you to learn the difference between the two verbs.


Believes should be accepted, since that is the literal translation of crear. It was accepted for me.


Shouldn't this really be subjunctive? Ella cree que esté en mi casa...?


I think you only use subjunctive for a negative belief: "Ella no cree que esté..."


The slower one is not completely working

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