"Tienes muchas maneras de caminar."

Translation:You have many ways of walking.

December 23, 2012


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    My thought exactly! Thanks for posting the link.


    La marche futile? (Apart from his horrible pronunciation...)


    Was hoping for this!


    Damn, I wanted to post that...but I guess it was too obvious :)


    Many minds with a single thought ( if that )


    why is 'you have a lot of ways of walking'incorrect


    'You have a lot of ways of walking' is now an answer, but 'You have lots of ways of walking' should probably also be correct?


    6/6/18 that was rejected


    i thought about that as well


    Ministry of Silly Walks


    Como un hombre, como un Egipcio, esta manera… que mas?


    "you have many manners of walking " Direct translation from Spanish dictionary and DL also


    I'll report it.


    Still not accepted. Reported.


    Monty python sketch. Ministry of silly walks


    Everybody's talkin' about the new way of walkin'... (Clease does a silly walk in one of the Faulty Towers episodes as well, The Germans)...


    "Don't mention the war!"


    Can anyone explain to me what this actually means? I'm guessing that it is some kind of metaphor or saying, or is it really talking about walking fast, slow, big steps, small steps etc...??!


    something like you have many paths, many options, many possibilities, etc… it's an expression in spanish.


    That's what I thought, and so I translated it as "you have many ways to go." But this was not accepted.


    I can only assume that it is a reference to the Monty Python 'Ministry of Walks' sketch featuring John Cleese http://bit.ly/1BDpYwj :-)


    I'm so thrilled that somebody posted this. Thank you Simone!


    "Just slip out the back, Jack. Make a new plan, Stan. You don't need to be coy, Roy. Just get yourself free!" You may thank Paul Simon for this explanation.


    That's "50 ways to leave your lover"!


    It's just a sentence. Don't overthink it - it's just a person that walks in a lot of different ways, okay?


    Looks fine to me - I agree with you.


    Now "You have a lot of ways of walking" is accepted.


    That's what they used to say to Chaplin...


    "You have lots of ways of walking" should also be accepted in English it doesn't need to be singular "a lot of ways" as long a indefinite article is not included.


    But Duo, she told me to "Waaaalk thiss wayyyyy! Talk this waaayy!"


    To translate 'maneras' as 'manners' with regard to walking would only be correct English in one situation, and even then would be a little unusual. If someone walked with an odd gait, for example with a limp, it could be referred to as their 'manner of walking'. The word manner would never be plural if talking about one person - unless of course they were expert demonstrators for the Ministry of Funny Walks!

    After briefly amusing myself about the Ministry of Funny Walks, I presumed that the sentence was meaning route options rather than styles of walking and translated it as 'You have many ways to walk' which was accepted. With that meaning of the sentence, translating 'maneras' as 'manners' would be, without doubt, entirely incorrect English, not just a bit odd or unusual. Hope that is useful for people learning English.


    What's wrong with the short form "You've a lot of ways to walk" instead of "You have (...)"?


    It should be accepted. The most likely explanation is that in American English we would either say "You have..." or "You've got...." The contraction without "got" would be abnormal here. I believe the way you wrote it would be normal in (at least parts of) the UK.


    I see, thanks for the explanation, it makes sense. I guess I should probably be more careful with shorthands then. It sure isn't pleasant not to get a perfect score because of a contraction.

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    ...said the theater student to his teacher.


    The audio stopped working for me in the last two topics of my tree.


    Comparing this sentence to one earlier in the lesson - "Hay muchas maneras de escribir." - I would think that the translation of "There are many ways of writing." should have been accepted? Hopefully, they'll read the reports and make the change for that one.


    "Hay" is "There is/there are". This sentence has "tienes" which means "you have". Hope this helps.


    It appears "manera" has many "maneras" of being translated into English. I chose "manners" (also one of the profered choices) but was judged wrong. I can't figure out why "ways" is a better choice than "manners". way manera, forma, camino, modo, medio, vía fashion moda, manera, fama, buen tono, buen gusto, uso manner manera, modo, clase, estilo, conducta, manera de ser mode modo, modalidad, manera, moda style estilo, moda, manera, tratamiento, título It's no biggie, but, sometimes it is just nice to understand.


    why is You have lots of ways of walking accepted?


    Just another way to use manner.


    what is wrong with... You have many manners of walk

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      It's not correct English. You would need to say "You have many manners of walking."


      You have many of walking ways. Bad ???


      The translation is terrible. This may be a Spanish expression, but ti doesn't sound right at all in English. "you have many ways of walking"? Huh? The immediate translation that sprang to mind was "You're a lot of options for walking" (as in choice of path). If we're into the Ministry of Silly walks, that needs to be made more obvious from the context ;)


      I answered:"You have many manners of walking." Why is my answer unacceptable?


      why does it sound like flirting?


      Wouldn't "ways of walking" be "maneras de caminando?" Also: I went with "ways to walk." They told me that it was correct, but then why is the sentence not "maneras caminar?"

      This kind of thing happens to me a lot. Why does Spanish seem to cram random little place holder words into various sentences without any apparent rules?


      There are many ways to walk Should be as good as/sounds better than There are many ways of walking


      According to this thread "You have lots of ways of walking " is accepted - apparently not now!


      Way here is like a Way point ie route. Not good English

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