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"It is hot in the South this time of year."

Translation:Det er varmt i syden på denne tid af året.

April 29, 2015



why "året" and not just "år"? The english does not say "this time of the year"


Why is "på" needed?


Ok So I just verified my solution with my Danish friend. A better way to think of this sentence in English where is makes sense with the Danish translation is : It is hot in the south at this time of the year. Then we can see why på and året are used. This would have been a much better example to use for this translation.


This. Also, why året instead of just år?


"time of year" can also be "årstid".

[deactivated user]

    Small difference: "denne tid af året" might be limited to a single month, while "denne årstid" refers to the entire three-month season.


    Why is "South" capitalized in the English sentence?


    In certain contexts, we capitalise North, South, East, and West in English. If you're using one of them as a proper noun, it's capitalised, but if you're simply using it for direction, it's not. In this sentence, since 'the South' is referring to a place/a proper noun, it's capitalised. The comment with the American example is one such example of this, but certainly not the only example.


    again a wrong hint. i wrote årET, checked the hint. that said ÅR, so i changed it and then it turned out to be wrong...


    Can anyone answer CoolMrKitty's query as to why på is needed?


    My keyboard is different from the other questions. I can not get the special danish letters, like ø and å. How come????


    at my apple it works like this : i press the alt and then the a .that gives the å. same with the o -->ø ( you should keep the alt pressed while you press the letter)


    Tid af året / Årstid?

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