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  5. "Nasılsın?"


Translation:How are you?

April 29, 2015



Selam! Can someone explain what does Nasılsın litteraly stand for in English please? Thanks!


Turkish is an agglutinative language... And we usually use hidden subjects. Actually "how are you?" means "sen (hidden subject) nasılsın?". Sen=you (singular), how= nasıl... The suffix "-sın/-sin/-sun etc." adds meaning of "you(singular)" to the words. (Sen) Nasılsın=how are you.(singular, informal) (siz) Nasılsınız=how are you (plural, formal)


İt means how are you


If someone asked me this, what is a normal reply?

Is that the tamam?


You can say "İyiyim." if you feel fine. We usually say "İyiyim, sağ ol. Sen nasılsın?"


thanks. I'm off to Turkey tomorrow, so lets see if all this Duolingo helped :)


Please inform us if it works :)


There's one thing I've been unable to find for sure. How do I ask for things? food and drink etc. Do I use istiyorum or is that rude. In Spanish you mainly use Want it Can I have. Is there an easy to learn/use phrase that I can add nouns to? Would something ilke 'ben bir kahve istiyorum' ör 'biz bazi yemekleri istiyoruz' work?


Yes, you can say "Ben bir kahve istiyorum." but "Bir kahve (çay/ sandviç/ekmek/pizza etc.) alabilir miyim?" or "Bir kahve, lütfen." is more polite. "Biz bazı yemekleri istiyoruz." is not correct. You may say "Biz tavuk/kuzu şiş/döner istiyoruz." or "Döner alabilir miyiz?". Have a good time in Turkiye!


Bir tane xxxxx alabilir miyim has worked well as I am now in Turkey using it. :) çok teşekkür ederim.


Rica ederim (You're welcome).


What i was trying to saw was 'we want some food'. So Is alabilir miyim 'can I get?'


I have just seen your reply, sorry for that. My English is not good enough but as far as i know, yes, "alabilir miyim" means "can i get" or it may mean "can i buy" if you ask this question in a small grocery for example.

As I said my English is not great so i am not sure i understood correctly but the sentence "we want some food" (Biz biraz yemek istiyoruz) does not make sense (at least for me). I think you must say what you want to eat or what food you want just like"Biz tavuk yemek istiyoruz."


I love to learn turkish but that's a little difficult


Nasıl-ım: how am I Nasıl-sın: how are you Nasıl : how
O nasıl : How is he Nasıl-ız : How we are Nasıl-lar: How are they


how can i say (...ı....) letter i cant hear it properly


I want to know what is the different between nasılsın and nasılsınız


Is this used for all subjects? or it's just for 'you'?


This is only for the "you" form. The suffixes change with every subject. :)


شكرا جزيلا. .. لكن كيف أستطيع أن أتعلم باللغة العربية؟


Selam!Can someone explain me the difference between the letter: 'i' and the letter: 'ı',please?Are they used in different occasions?


This one seems broken

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